A Tresor rare enhanced treatment – The “ELIXIR LUXE” mask treatment is designed for an ultra- rich age defying effect to help smooth, revitalize and firm the skin.
Its innovative design fits perfectly to the facial contours for an ultimate, professional facial treatment.
The Golden Elixir luxe treatment incredible benefits are achieved due to a unique complex mixture of the most advanced active ingredients sourced from around the world.  Developed through intensive research and delivered into the skin through an innovative delivery system.

Additional advantages are:

  • Immediate and maximum lifting and sculpturing effect
  • Ultra-rich skin nourishing
  • Fresher and more radiant looking skin complexion
  • Helps diminishes the signs of stress and fatigue overnight
  • Increases antioxidant protection to fight free radical damage



Our Golden Elixir Luxe Skin Treatment intensely helps smooth, revitalize and re-sculpture the skin. Its innovative design fits perfectly for natural skin-shaping performance.

This unique formula contains vitamins, plant extracts and gold to effectively assist in the stimulation of the skins collagen manufacturing.

A total of 12 facial masks, 12 paired eye masks and an overnight mask are included in this luxurious age defying facial treatment.

Your skin will appear smoother, more toned, lifted and radiant after every treatment.




Gold is known in the world for its anti-flammatory properties, in the skin care world it assists to diminish the looks of aging. This activity is done by the gold limiting the breakdown and elastin of the skin.


Our skin naturally produces Hyalronic Acid and as years pass by the body reduces its production resulting wrinkles, dehydration and sagginess to the skin. The Hyalronic Acid will assist the skin to be plumped, soft and supple.


Allantoin an essential anti-aging component that regenerates skin as well assists to sooth irritated skin and decrease inflammation and flakiness. In addition it encourages new skin cell growth that quickens wound healing.


Soy is an incredible source of Isoflavones which defend the skin from hormone-related aging as occurs in menopause. The use of soy protein may assist to return a youthful radiance to the skin.



Cleanse your face once dry open a single mask and apply it immediately on your face. Smooth out the mask gently with your fingers to ensure perfect skin contact once applied. Leave the mask on for 5-10 minutes, remove and rinse your skin with water. Do not re-use the mask.
The overnight mask is the final stage of the golden treatment. Apply an appropriate amount on the face, avoiding the lip area, and wash your skin with lukewarm water the next morning.


Cleanse the skin under your eyes once dry open a single eye package containing two masks and apply them immediately under your eyes. Smooth out the mask gently with your fingers to ensure perfect skin contact once applied. Leave the mask on for 5-10 minutes, remove and rinse your skin with water. Do not re-use the mask.


Apply the facial mask and eye mask once a week following with our overnight mask. Due to the facial mask covering the eye area your eyes will get double the treatment.


Indulge your skin with a rich touch of 24K gold supplying your skin a nourished, radiant, and rested look. Every mask will give you an extreme lift and escalate anti-oxidant protection against free radical damage.


An anti-aging treatment intended for everyone, especially beneficial for those who are in need of nourishment, brightening, lifting, and treatment for fine lines.


I ue this masks i looooove it so much,mia sell it to me at phipps plaza mall and i see the reasults every after facial with her.

– Alan Vinson

Staff was amazing showing us how to apply and use products. We purchased three different systems. My husband and I could see a big difference after the first treatment. We will continue to use all of the products and look forward to great improvement overall. Promised to send before and update pictures with improved progress. Thanks again for introducing us to Tresor products in Lahaina.

Irene Yamagata-Bermudez

If you are looking for overall facial treatment, then you can try Golden Elixir Luxe Skin Treatment. I have tried this one and I know how it can help you to get a smooth, firm, and revitalize skin. It keeps your skin hydrated and improves the complexion.

Hammond Janet

This is the best anti-wrinkle skin treatment I’ve used so far. I am yet to establish if the eye mask firms up the skinny the eyes, but all three sure do clean the pores, and leave the skin clean for the moisturizer. They do what they promise to do.

Leah Fuller

Nice! The product gave me a good face lift without using surgery and this made me to like it. It gave me a younger look on my eyes and my skin is now feeling softer.


Its AMAZING ! Ive been thinking about having a facelift for a long time. In my trip to Hawaii i was so lucky to run into this amazing treatment and im doing this instead of the surgery i thought about. Thank you Tresor-Rare !

Linda Moore

O.K, by far the best skin care in the world! I got the whole collections of the eyes, BX and this amazing Golden Mask! All my friend reordering because of me 🙂 l-o-v-e it and highly recomend about it!!!

Nancy Richardson

I used the Overnight Mask Treatment because my skin looks dull whenever I wake up. After I used this once, my skin looked even and bright! The dark marks I also have look less apparent too. This really puts the “beauty” in beauty sleep!

– Deborah

After using this, my skin felt smoother and the fine lines I have looked much better. My skin feels softer and it doesn’t feel as dry, either. What’s great is that the under-eye masks make my eyes so much brighter!


I can give it a big WOW, never seen such a great skin care product, loooooove it!!

Clara Daniel


Do not swallow. For external use only. Avoid eye contact. Stop use if irritation occurs. Keep away from children.



The best way to experience this facial treatment and see results is to apply the mask to the face, as this isn’t always possible a “mini” experience can be done with the GOLDEN ELIXIR LUXE EYE MASK TREATMENT.
Identify a wrinkled uneven surface to apply the mask on. By opening a single mask pack apply the mask on the selected area. Smooth the mask on to the skin making sure that it has good contact with the skin. Note the exceptional ingredients that are combined in the treatment such as gold and Hyaluronic acid. Let mask sit for at least five minutes before removing, once removed massage gently the residue left on the skin. Once done massaging the residue apply the overnight mask on top and rinse off after 2 minutes. Best to compare results to untreated skin pointing out the differences as reduced lines, and cohesive.